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A text and a 1:36 animation were made to respond to three given photos.

Will be finished and refined someday.






He pulled my rib out, then I became a chair lost one piece of wood.


“There's no trace can find his path,” they said.

“You'll discover him when he wrinkles your skin like crumpling a paper,” some argued.

But the truth is, you can simply notice him, from the imbalance shape of us. Equipped with the same function and living for the same purpose, yet, oddly we can not blend into each other.


He keeps sprinkling fairy dust when we bowing our head and diving in works. Suddenly He took you away along with my thoughts. Then, words turn liquid slipped through my fingers. The dust is getting thicker and no longer sparkled. Now I straying in this concrete container, staring at people come and leave every day without heeding my existence. Sometimes I fade away from my body and realize even myself forgot I was there.


Weeds sprang up and getting messier than yesterday. They dance and dance like children's laugh itching my tongue and my ears; Like soil absorbed all my memories and emotions. My throat hence dried out yet I sitting still inside here, silence, like an old dull trunk.


My breath is the footsteps of the man I never saw, counting it, and waiting for him, may he remind to take me away not too long after.

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Sequence 02_2_4.gif
Sequence 02_3_3.gif
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