Fluid Furry Fluffy Island

Two self-published books (240*20.5 cm, 10*10 cm)

I found a fluid furry fluffy island in London, where lives four little dotted bears.

something doesn't start at its usual time.

something doesn't happen as it should.

someone was always, always here,

then suddenly disappeared

and stubbornly stays disappeared.

- Wisława Szymborska

the fluid furry fluffy island,

where I linger longer

when drifting further.





sniffing in proud solitude and solid tenderness,

exhaling my gloominess in exchange

with the four little bears,

who inhabit under

the fluid furry fluffy island.

fluid island, furry island, my flowy Louie fluffy island.



I've buried part of myself in those four little bears.

He wandering and wandering around,

carries my fragmented sorrow away.

This project is about my long relationship with a stray cat, Louie, whom I always encountered on a street near to my place in London. 


Yes, I was scanning a cat on the street.

© Pei-Hsin Cho 卓霈欣