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Day in My Dream

music video for Alis Hows | TzChien

Singer-songwriter: TzChien

Composer: TzChien

Animator: Pei-Hsin Cho

Mixing Engineer: Nicolas Kalwill

Mastering Engineer: James Auwarter (Coda Room Audio)


The increase in domestic abuse during the lockdown inspired TzChien to create this song. It focuses on the anxiety of worrying about when will the bad happen again and the only small comfort of one's imagination, where you can be free, be anywhere... But still, the shadow of fear follows everywhere. I immediately thought of the murmuration of birds to depict this shattered insecurity but at the same time the gathering together of little pieces of strength. 

Day In My Dream - final with title.00_00_00_00.Still002.jpg
Day In My Dream - final.00_00_32_03.Still007.jpg
Day In My Dream - final_1_1_2.gif
Day In My Dream - final_3.gif
Day In My Dream - final.00_00_41_01.Still001.jpg
Day In My Dream - final.00_07_21_01.Still010.jpg
Day In My Dream - final_6_1.gif
Day In My Dream - final.00_01_47_05.Still009.jpg
Day In My Dream - final.00_01_55_00.Still010.jpg
Day In My Dream - final.00_08_02_08.Still014.jpg
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