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Crown shyness is a phenomenon observed in clusters of the same tree species in which the crowns of fully stocked trees do not touch each other, forming a canopy with river-like gaps. It's believed to be an adaptive response to avoid branches colliding, pests spreading and minimising the harmful effects of competition. 

This comic was inspired by what happened and changed around me during the first six months when the Covid-19 pandemic started. As Spring arrived in Berlin and castaway the gloomy winter, the trees and plants flourished and bloomed abundantly more than ever, adorning every corner with vibrant colours and lushness. This beautiful sight provided hope and solace to me during the lockdown and the new normal of social distancing, which reminded me of the Crown Shyness phenomenon among trees. The comic tried to capture the moment of realising that growing and living fully while avoiding harm has always been a natural part of life.

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樹冠羞避 (Crown Shyness) 是樹種在森林中共生下所產生的適應性行為,會發生在同種與不同種樹之間。他們的樹冠互不遮擋,形成一個溝狀的開口。藉此避免相互擦傷、碰撞,以及害蟲傳播。

在避免外出的新冠疫情期間,唯一能讓我感受到時間變化的是透過窗戶感受季節的更替。疫情剛爆發的頭六個月,我看著房間窗前的樹從光禿的枝枒生出新芽接著長成茂密的葉。在我當時居住的城市柏林中,樹與植物們似乎在這段期間長得更加恣意旺盛。這蔥鬱的景象為在封鎖期間和保持距離的新常態中,為我帶來了希望和安慰,也使我聯想大自然樹冠羞避的特性。 因此我繪製了這個短篇故事,試圖捕捉意識到


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