Shoegaze Into

30 Gifs (4 min), 1 publication

Sheila Robinson Memorial Drawing Award, winner

Introversion and shyness are gifts, embracing them is a skill to learn.

This project is an ongoing personal practice, which experimenting image-making based on narrative therapy, autofiction, and emotional granularity theory. Reality truths structured in fictional storytelling, I created a three-steps making process for externalizing introverted emotions, encapsulating it in an image and thereby releasing it.

We can tell our stories in ways that make us stronger, 
in ways that soothe the losses, in ways that ease sorrow. 
- David Denborough


As an introvert existing in a world that extroverted and outgoing personalities are still mainstream, I always carrying self-doubt and feel like a minority in society. But an introvert shouldn't feel negative or sorry for being different from the social norm.

This project is personal but use a method to distance myself in order to speak softly and make whispers to those who are suffering like me and to those who didn't aware of before. 

30 Gifs, 30 days of looping introversion and shyness

Documentary film of Shoegaze into at Show RCA 2019, Royal College of Art

A non-text publication was made to tell the journey of self-introspection

Introverts, I hope you will open up your suitcases for other people to see,

because the world needs you and it needs the things you carry. 
- Susan Cain

© Pei-Hsin Cho 卓霈欣

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