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Pei-Hsin Cho's Portfolio 2020

with backgrounds in Fine Arts, Animation, and Visual Communications,

I am familiar with Adobe suite and I use

both traditional and digital techniques to create various art styles.


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the playful morphing and flexible visual storytelling of animation is the best way to promote your project on social media or your website.

from detailed to flat graphical style, using hand-drawn or digital, 

I am flexible in creating different art styles for your needs!

Comp 1_1.gif

/ Motion Graphics

       Vector Logo

        2020 | 5sec | After Effects

/ Motion Graphics Explanatory Video

        for Lenovo Legion

        2020 | 10min 28 Sec | After Effects & TVPaint

Comp 2 ae_1.gif
minor ailments for AE04_3.gif

/ Vector Gifs


       Minor Ailments for Patient Access

        2019 | loop Gifs | After Effects, Adobe Illustrator

Annotation 2020-06-22 192425.png
Annotation 2020-06-22 192425.png
minor ailments for AE010_1.gif
Sequence 02_2.gif
Sequence 02_3_3.gif

/ Collage animation



        2018 | 4min | After Effects and TVPaint

Sequence 02_2_4.gif

/ 2D animation


       New Year Campaign for P&T Berlin

        2020 | 15sec | TVPaint


Comp 1_3.gif
Comp 1_4.gif
Comp 1_1 (1).gif
self healed.gif
Comp 1.gif
Comp 1_5.gif
Comp 1_6.gif

/ 2D animation


       30 Days of Shoegazing

        2019 | 30 Gifs | TVPaint

/ Rotoscope animation


       The Rocking Sky - Documentary film

        Commissioned by the General

        Association of Chinese Culture (GACC)

        in association with CNEX Studio Corporation

        2015 | 30mins | Toonboom, Photoshop

/ Music Video animation 

        Couldn’t Have Known by !!! (Chk Chk Chk)
        Inbetweeners and colourist

        2019 | 3min 46 Sec | TVPaint

/ 2D animation



        2016 | 4min 30sec | Hand drawn


/ 2D animation

       30 Days of Shoegazing

        2019 | 30 Gifs | TVPaint



Great illustrations convey your messages through visual languages, make viewers feel your idea with a single glance, allowing for deeper understanding.

 Having illustrations in your projects will not only elevate its richness, it will also attract more viewers attention.

Annotation 2020-06-22 192425.png

/ Vector Illustrations

       Minor Ailments

        2019 | Patient Access

/ Concept Art


       Explanatory animation for IBA (Interior Business Association) 

        2020 | TVPaint

WhatsApp Image 2020-06-26 at
WhatsApp Image 2020-06-26 at 22.42.22 (1
Annotation 2020-06-22 194434.png

/ App Stickers

Annotation 2020-06-22 194409.png
Annotation 2020-06-22 194423.png

/ Editorial Illustrations

       Please go to the Illustration page to see more works